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Location Services & Permits

Finding suitable filming locations, obtaining necessary permits, and ensuring legal compliance to shoot at those locations.

Budget & Scheduling

Developing a comprehensive budget that outlines expenses and revenue sources for the film. Creating a production schedule that outlines when and where each scene will be shot.

Production Management

Overseeing the day-to-day operations of the film production, including managing the crew, coordinating activities, and problem-solving.

Film-Related Research

Conducting research related to the film's subject matter, historical context, or any other elements that require in-depth knowledge for an accurate portrayal.


Holding auditions, selecting actors for roles, and negotiating contracts with them.

Crew Hiring

Hiring and managing the various crew members necessary for a film production, including the director of photography, sound engineer, production designer, etc.

Transport & Logistical Services

Arranging transportation for crew and equipment to and from filming locations. Managing logistics such as catering, accommodation, and scheduling.

Equipment Rental

Procuring and renting the necessary filming equipment, such as cameras, lighting, sound equipment, and props.

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Aleksandra Filatova

Co-Founder/ Producer


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Co-Founder/ Producer


Conor Forrest

Director of Development


Erhun Abbasli

Marketing Director


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Website Designer

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